Post Mortem

I found this on Twitter. Marie Le Conte – as shrewd as ever – points back to a piece by the MP Bridget Phillips about the new thinking needed if Labour is to become relevant again.

The sad part is that this was written, unheeded, in 2015. The good is that Bridget Phillips survived the cull and is still an MP. I’d be glad to think that she – and others – will be able to make themselves heard in the clamour of denial, blame and defensiveness that is engulfing the party at the moment

If you are on Twitter Le Conte (@youngvulgarian) is well worth following.

Post Mortem

2 thoughts on “Post Mortem

  1. Linda says:

    I find very little in this to agree with or take hope from. If people believe they have more in common with the Tory message I think there is very little we can do about it. If you want to get people on your side just say over and over again get Brexit done. It doesn’t matter if you show little concern for minorities, it doesn’t matter if you lie and send out bogus advertisements. People believe what they want to believe. It’s not tribal anymore. Labour has not got an identity anymore. It’s the politics of capitalism. By its nature it appeals. Capitalism will sell you what you want . I hope there will be a fashion for socialism eventually. It is a civilised way. I would have feared for Jeremy Corbyn if he had got in. He would have been destroyed as he has been in the media. So let’s see what Brexit will do for us. I’m joining the Green Party. X Linda

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    1. I think hope of any sort is hard to find at the moment, Lin, and this piece has no answers. I did feel, though, that the questions it asked were very salient. The thing about ‘get brexit done’ (apart from its repetition) is that it connected with people. It spoke to their condition in a way labour’s promises didn’t. Labour need to find a new way to connect now – and it can’t be by harking back to some lost past. I think it could be done – but – and this is where I do despair – I am not at all sure that the movers and shakers most prominent in the labour party at the moment are the people to carry through such a re-imagining. And Green is of course the future (if we have any at all…)

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