The perils of purity

As we fidget on the edge of Autumn and the resumption of what passes for political life in this country this is a thoughtful piece from John Harris about centrism, the damaging rush to ideological purity across the political spectrum and the reasons why politics seems both detached from reality and utterly unable to deal with it:

One big tension defines where British politics has arrived. On both sides, there are a lot of people – from no-deal Brexiteers to the Corbyn hardcore – who seem to think that they are the custodians of their own variety of purity. What we are perhaps discovering is that this mindset may actually deliver the reverse: a polluted politics in which even people in positions of power keep very questionable company, debate tends to look like an indecipherable mess, and the biggest casualty is a national conversation that feels in any way useful.
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The perils of purity

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