Snow Saturday

The roads are bad today; side roads still slippy with compacted snow, enough at least to make people reluctant to get in their cars on a Saturday.

The result is one of the small pleasures of bad weather: people walking to local shops, often towing children (sitting up with all the assumed dignity of a small panjandrum in their sledges); people walking and playing in the roads; neighbourliness.

But roads full of cars and internet shopping are so much better, right?.

Snow Saturday

2 thoughts on “Snow Saturday

  1. sibling3 says:

    The damage cars do to community and the freedom of children makes them for me, one of the more subtle, corrosive horses of the apocalypse.

    1. It’s something Chris and I have talked about, Clare – the subtle effect on a woman when she’s out, in a classroom or a workplace, anywhere at all, of the regard of men. It must affect you on so many levels.

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