A Brash of Wowing

Dunbar again, anticipating the modern day modern day hipster with his ‘bony berd was kemmit and croppit’, trying to sweet talk his girl.

The compliments are wonderful:

My belly-huddrun, my swete hurle bawsy,
My huny gukkis, my slawsy gawsy,

Read on to see if our charmer wins his ‘tendir gyrle’s’ heart.

A Brash of Wowing

In secreit place this hyndir nycht,
I hard ane beyrne say till ane bricht,
‘My huny, my hart, my hoip, my heill,
I have bene lang your luifar leill
And can of yow get confort nane;
How lang will ye with denger deill?
Ye brek my hart, my bony ane!’

His bony berd was kemmit and croppit,
Bot all with cale it was bedroppit;
And he wes townysche, peirt and gukit,
He clappit fast, he kist and chukkit
As with the glaikis he wer ouirgane;
Yit be his feirris he wald have fukkit;
‘Ye brek my hart, my bony ane!’

Quod he, ‘My hairt, sweit as the hunye,
Sen that I borne wes of my mynnye,
I never wowit ane uder bot yow;
My wambe is of your luif sa fow,
That as ane gaist I glour and grane,
I trymble sa, ye will nocht trow;
Ye brek my hart, my bony ane!’

‘Tehe!’ quod scho, and gaif ane gawfe,
‘Be still my tuchan and my calfe,
My new spanit howffling fra the sowk,
And all the blythnes of my bowk;
My sweit swanking, saif yow allane,
Na leyd I luffit all this owk;
Full leifis me your graceless gane.’

Quod he, ‘My claver, my curledodie,
My huny soppis, my sweit possodie,
Be not our bosteous to your billie,
Be warme hairtit and not ewill willie;
Your hals, quhyt as quhalis bane,
Garris ryis on loft my quhillielillie:
Ye brek my hart, my bony ane!’

Quod scho, ‘My clype my unspaynit gyane,
With moderis mylk yit in your mychane,
My belly-huddrun, my swete hurle bawsy,
My huny gukkis, my slawsy gawsy,
Your musing waild perse ane hairt of stane,
Tak gud confort, my grit heidit slawsy:
Full leifis me your graceles gane.’

Quod he, ‘My kid, my capirculyoun,
My bony baib with the ruch brilyoun,
My tendir gyrle, my wallie gowdye,
My tirlie mirlie, my crowdie mowdie;
Quhone that oure mouthis dois meit at ane,
My stang dois storkyn with your towdy:
Ye brek my hart, my bony ane.’

Quod scho, ‘Now tak me be the hand,
Welcum, my golk of Marie land,
My chirrie, and my maikles munyoun,
My sowklar sweit as ony unyoun,
My strwmill stirk, yit new to spane,
I am applyit to your opunyoun:
I luif rycht weill your graceles gane.’

He gaiff to hir ane apill rubye;
Quod scho ‘Grammercye,my sweit cowhubye.’
And thai twa to ane play began,
Quhilk men dois call the dery dan;
Quhill bayth thair bewis did meit in ane.
‘Wo is me!’ quod scho, ‘quhair will ye, man?
Best now I luif that graceles gane.’
William Dunbar

hyndir, recent; beyrne, fellow; bricht, pretty girl; cale, cabbage soup; townysche, cheaply smart; gukit, foolish; clappit, fondled; chukkit, chucked under the chin; glaikis, desire; feirris, behaviour; wambe, belly; fow, full; gawfe, guffaw; tuchan, stuffed calf-skin; spanit, weaned; howffling, stupid fellow; sowk, milk; bowk, body; swanking, smart young fellow; leyd, person; owk, week; leifis me, is dear to me; gane, ugly mug; claver, clover; curldodie, ribwort plantain; possodie, sheep’s head broth; billie, lover; ewill willie, unkind; quhillielillie, penis; clype, silly fellow; unspaynit, unweaned; gyane, giant; mychane, mouth; huddrun, glutton; hurle bawsy, obscure term of endearment; huny gukkis, sweet fool; slawsy gawsy, jolly sloven; capirculyoun, woodgrouse; ruch brylyoun, hairy private parts; wallie, fine; gowdye, piece of gold; tyrlie myrlie, crowdie mowdie, obscure (and probably obscene) terms of endearment; stang, penis; towdie, buttocks; golk, cuckoo; maikles munyoun, matchless darling; sowklar, sucking child; unyoun, onion; strwmill stirk, ugly young bullock; applyit, inclined; cowhubye, fool; dery dan, copulation; bewis, limbs

A Brash of Wowing

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