The NHS cooked three ways

Paul Corrigan, in his latest blog post, describes the muddle that the government has got themselves into over the NHS. There are, he says, three different views at work.

There’s Jeremy Hunt trying to look in charge of the NHS, making pronouncements and plans as though the 2012 Health and Social Care Act hadn’t largely taken away his direct role.

In the yellow corner Nick Clegg, in the charming random way that he picks up these things, is campaigning for targets in mental health commensurate with other health targets, blithely unaware that his government had abandoned top down target setting.

While from his lair in Downing Street Lynton Crosby, eyeing the election in the near distance, just wishes everyone would just keep quiet about the NHS altogether. It’s not a vote winner – for the Conservatives at least.

Spot on, I thought. I hadn’t come across Paul’s blog before, but it’s full of good observations. Worth following.

The NHS cooked three ways

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