Stag nights in the Popemobile


Here is a very nice picture of the chairs powerful people sat in through the ages. It is quite pointless.

Inaccurate too. The Stone of Scone was returned to Westminster in time for the current Queens’ coronation – unless you believe that it is in fact a replica.

I think the Irish have a far more practical and pragmatic approach to these empty seats of power. In the Irish times recently the was a report that the Popemobile that was used by Pope John Paul on his visit to Ireland “will be available for hire for stag and hen parties and corporate gigs.”

“The venture is the brainchild of businessman Paddy Dunning, who came into ownership of the Popemobile when he acquired the Wax Museum some years ago from former politician Donie Cassidy.

Mr Dunning has given the Popemobile a €60,000 makeover and added a Mercedes chassis. It will hit the road again tomorrow, when it will be showcased along with wax statues of Jedward at the Wax Museum in Dublin.”

That’s the stuff – now, what could you do with those old presidential office chairs?

Stag nights in the Popemobile

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