The way that you say it

Just a few weeks ago Bill Clinton presented President Obama to the democratic convention. His speech was widely praised – and this edit showing what was written and what he actually said is a wonderful example of what real rhetoric looks like. Worth a read, while America hunkers down and waits for the storm to pass and voting day to arrive.


The way that you say it

3 thoughts on “The way that you say it

  1. Gosh, isn’t there so much more to rhetoric than words? You read it and wonder if the emperor is wearing clothes. As ole Ronan had it, ‘You say it best When you say / Nothing at all.’ Oh dear, is that terribly cynical?

      1. goodfuneralguide says:

        Oh, thunderingly good word-music, I agree. And this sort of thing repays study, especially for those of us who tend to think that it’s words themselves that are replete with meaning. Rhetoric is a devilishly glorious art!

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